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Flow Activated Circulation Valve (FACV)

The Flow Activated Cycle Valve (FACV) can be used as an equalising or circulating device. In it

The FACV can be used in place of ball valves, back pressure valves or circulating subs. It can be run in combination with intervention bridge plugs and packers. For example, It is ideally suited to being run below a plug to reduce the number of wireline runs during completion operations. It could be situated below the barrier (i.e. a plug) and then be deployed pre-installed, allowing the plug to be tested and then the FACV cycled open to allow the completion to run. When the completion is deployed the FACV can be cycled closed to enable packer setting and completion integrity testing. The FACV can then be reopened prior to retrieving the plug to ensure that pressure is equalised. There are a wide variety of applications for Interwell’s versatile FACV.