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interSelect Autonomous Inflow Control Device (AICD)

Interwell’s next generation interSelect AICD has many benefits over passive ICD technologies and out-performs the other active AICDs currently offered.

Our AICD module automatically actuates based on the viscosity of produced fluid, controlling inflow of unwanted fluids.  The viscosity setting is held constant, independent of drawdown or production rate therefore, interSelect will prevent production of significantly more water, over the life of the well, than any other AICD on the market. 

 Our interSelect intervention system can be run on existing wells in a “reactive” or “proactive” mode to optimize well production.   The system is set between retrievable straddle solutions (APS) to selectively shut-off water in medium to heavy oil (future versions will handle free gas in light oils).  

interSelect is an enabling technology for “Smarter wells” – no control lines, electronics, or monitoring systems are required to automatically adjust inflow from multiple producing zones to optimize reservoir performance.