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2 7/8" ME Plug installed for the first time

A 217-288 ME Plug was installed for the first time in a well - NCS sector


  • The well had a red barrier status. A high B-Annulus pressure had been observed, and gas was bled off. The pressure had a repetitive tendency to build up.
  • The upper completion is from 1987. The well was TTRD sidetracked and a 2 7/8” liner was installed in the existing tubing in 1997. 
  • The well had sanded in and had restrictions, neither able to produce nor to bullhead. Sand fill was tagged ~40 meters above the top of perforation. 
  • During sand bailing operations, sediments were retrieved, that were tested to be high in Mercaptane. 
  • A very bad smell developed, and the job had to be aborted.


The objective of this Intervention was to prepare the well for P&A operations. The well was handed over to drilling with a deep set 2 7/8 (217-288) ME plug in the well and kill fluid on top of the plug.

The ME plug can be run on Slick-Line, E-Line, Coiled Tubing or Pipe and features a scale tolerant slips design ensuring that it adequately grips the casing. 

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