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First runs performed with the Expandable Junk Catcher add-on (EJC-A)

After the successful introduction of Interwell's Expandable Junk Catcher(EJC) earlier this year, we continued developing and testing so as to make the EJC an add-on feature to our existing Bridge Plugs, from this came the EJC-A.

The first two successful runs were performed on the NCS during September. The first 420-550 EJC-A was installed as a deep set barrier accompanied by a standard 435-550 ME as shallow set barrier for a X-mas three change out. Both the setting and retrieving went according to plan saving our customer at least 24 hours of operational time (not counting the potential hours that would have needed to be spent bailing).

The second job was equally successful; assisting a GLV/CIV change out, also on the NCS. 

If you want to learn more about the benefits with a one run junk protection solution such as the EJC-A, please contact our sales department.