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Successful introduction of our Expandable Junk Catcher (EJC)

The first Expandable Junk Catcher (EJC) was set above a 420-550 ME plug for one of our customers on the Norwegian continental shelf

The Expandable Junk Catcher (EJC) is designed to protect the installed Bridge Plug from debris and thus ensures the plug is retrieved according to procedure and without any operational delays. When the EJC was pulled it had a 7-10 m column of black-sticky stuff (BSS) on top of it that had to be bailed out. Once the bailing was completed both the EJC and the ME Bridge Plug were retrieved without any difficulties. This successful first run proved that without the EJC, all the BSS would have been lying on top of the plug, inevitably leading to major delays

For more information regarding Expandable Junk Catcher and complete debris protection solutions, including a BSS dissolver, please contact our sales department