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Two multi-run Straddles

At the end of 2012 Interwell successfully installed two multi-run Straddles (50 and 74 m long) for a customer on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS)


Interwell installed a 50 meter long multi-run straddle on NCS in order to straddle off a water producing zone.

The straddle was set in a 7”-32# liner at 80 degree deviation, with a well temperature of approximately 80°C and the well head pressure (WHP) 194 bars. A 563-700 HPHT Straddle was used. The straddle was successfully installed in five runs. All runs were deployed with a well tractor and a Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST).


Interwell also installed a 74 meter long multi-run straddle on NCS in December.

The challenge was that the wellbore had two 5,75” ID AOF nipple restrictions above the straddle setting depth. The straddle had to be set in at 7”-35# liner which has a 6,004” ID.

The well temperature was 155°C and a 563-700 HPHT straddle was chosen.

The straddle was successfully installed in eight runs. The packer were installed using a HST setting tool on e-line, while the spacer runs were installed using a stroker and GS pulling tool.

For more information regarding the APS Straddle, please contact our sales department