We take on well challenges to ensure enhanced oil and gas recovery for global upstream energy companies.


We acknowledge our responsibilities and we commit to balancing environmental protection with sustainable development. We deliver products and solutions that improve and secure existing oil and gas wells. Interwell is based on a circular business model where most of our equipment, unless permanently installed, will be reused.

Our corporate social responsibility covers all aspects of our organisation. An image of Interwell's green logo with the earth in the middle and footprints around it

From creative solutions and in the design of our products, how and where they are produced, our local communities, the way we handle waste and use energy, business development, procurement, anti-bribery and corruption, fair employment and practices, equality and a long-term perspective.

It is present in our considerations when making strategic desicions, choosing business partners and suppliers and how it all connects to our vision and values, how we evaluate and move forward.



Interwell Corporate Social Responsibility Statement

Our statement includes a summary of our policies on subjects on health, safety, security and environment, ethical business conduct and fair employment practice.

Sustainable Reporting - Communication on Progress

Accountability and transparency is key to put words into action.

As of March 2020 Interwell joined the community of the UN Global Compact and are committed to the ten principles. Following this commitment Interwell will publish an annual Sustainability Report that demonstrates goals, efforts, measures and effect.          



The UN Sustainable Development Goals

We have aligned our Sustainablility Strategy with the UN SDG's, to correspond with our company, industry and best practice. We acknowledge our responsibilites and have strategically selected the goals where we have major primary and secondary impacts.

Interwell Corporate Social Responsibility Program


Interwell & Sustainable Technology Development