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HST Interwell

Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST)

The Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST) provides the industry with a reliable, non-pyrotechnic, non pre-pressurised (when used in hydrostatic configuration) setting device, used for the installation of downhole products such as Bridge Plugs, Packers, Gauge Hangers and Straddles.
HST Interwell

The HST is available in standard, long stroke and HPHT versions. Always non-pyrotechnic and non pre-pressurised when used in hydrostatic configuration.

Product Features

  • Non-pyrotechnic
  • Non pre-pressurised (hydrostatic configuration)
  • Debris tolerant (Pressure Module configuration)
  • Large output force
  • Extensive run record
  • Accurate time delay mechanism
  • Reduces risks associated with wireline mechanical manipulation

For more information about the Hydrostatic Setting Tool (HST), please contact our Sales Department