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Rig-less Plug & Abandonment


Interwell has since 2012 been working on a groundbreaking approach to permanent abandonment of oil and gas wells. The goal of the project is to create formation-to-formation barriers across multiple strings of pipe using wireline as the deployment method. This technology has the potential to be an alternative to today’s expensive and time-consuming practice of cement plugs. Interwell P&A has performed single string pilot wells and field trials since 2016.

  • North America 20
  • Europe 3

The most recent trial campaign was this winter/ spring of 2021 in Canada, with 3 different operators and 5 wells. The main focus was to properly seal off leak paths due to Surface Casing Vent Flow (SCVF) / Sustained Casing Pressure (SCP) as an alternative to today’s methods. So far there are some very promising results. Four wells have been verified and approved by both operators and regulators, while the last is in the final stages of verification. 

We are fortunate to have a full-scale test rig, which allows us to build a wellbore to test the system in. We are then able to section cut the wellbore and barrier to investigate the complete cross-section, as well as to see the actual result. This gives us useful knowledge/ input about how we can improve the robustness of the system. 

Field trials and full-scale testing combined with comprehensive CFD modelling enables us to understand and control the physical aspects of our barrier. To build and ensure confidence in it, the technology is being developed through a systematic approach to technology qualification DNV RP-A203. 

Going forward we are working on continuously adapting the system with the new information we gain in the field and also at our test facilities. Our main focus areas aside from CFD- and phase modelling, lab and HP testing are; 

  • Geochemistry/ Geology 

  • Chemistry 

  • Well elements 

  • Thermo science 

  • Mechanical design 

In the coming months, we are preparing for more field trials with several operators in North America and will continue to update the website with more background information as the results come in. Stay tuned!

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