Interwell's High Expansion Retrievable Bridge Plug

High Expansion Retrievable Bridge Plug (HEX)

The HEX is the most versatile mechanical plug on the market. It's designed to pass through extremely narrow wellbore restrictions (such as valves, nipples and straddles) and set in larger ID casing. It's ideally suited as a liner barrier for workover operations, avoiding unnecessary well kill operations which often result in near wellbore reservoir damage.
Interwell's High Expansion Retrievable Bridge Plug


  • Highest expansion retrievable bridge plug on the market
  • Centralising adapter kit that ensures the sealing element is centralised when setting the plug
  • Ideal for workover applications: tubing barrier, packer for injection valve, fixed choke etc.
  • Equalise and retrieve with standard GS in a single operation (no prong required)
  • Can be run on slickline, e-line, coiled tubing and pipe
  • Short tool length
  • Slim design (small OD)
  • Other sizes available on request

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