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Completion Contract with Statoil

Statoil Petroleum has awarded Interwell a frame agreement for the scope of Completion Services in the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS).

The contract has an initial period of 2 years with two additional optional periods of 2 years, which gives a total contracts period of 6 years. Statoil has by this award, recognised Interwell as an innovative company with high focus on unique technology and their ability to deliver world-class service.

"We are proud to be a part of the competitive market as a HCCV (Hydrostatic closed circulation valve) supplier for completion services. This shows our commitment to always provide and produce cost effective solutions for the oil & gas industry. We are very pleased to have been awarded this contract and we look forward to continue our cooperation with Statoil", said Kjetil Ericksen, Managing Director of Interwell Norway AS.

Interwell, a global operating company, having its head office in Stavanger, Norway, is a leading supplier of mechanical downhole products qualified to the highest standards for well barrier and well integrity needs for the oil & gas industry. Interwell has developed a market leading position in providing packers and plugs for difficult well applications within the area of high temperatures, high pressure and high expansion.

Interwell's technology is designed to be used in reservoir applications for water & gas shut off, shallow and deep-set well barriers, well integrity, P&A applications and special niche completion products.

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