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Electronic Setting Tool (EST) success

First time running the Interwell Electronic Setting Tool (EST)

Interwell’s Electronic Setting Tool (EST) was designed to satisfy the industry’s demand for a non pre-pressurized, non-pyrotechnic setting tool for installation of downhole products such as Bridge Plugs, Packers, Gauge Hangers and Straddles.

After an extensive development and testing period, the EST was approved for use by Statoil. On Apr 3rd, 2012 the EST was run for the first time in the North Sea, successfully setting an Interwell 550-700 ME Retrievable Bridge Plug for Statoil, in the Statfjord field. The EST has options to log the setting pressure which can be converted to the setting force, as well as temperature and electrical parameters. The EST’s log was downloaded after the run and all parameters were in line with expectations.

A fleet of tools are currently being prepared to cover the demand in the market.

For more information regarding the Electronic Setting Tool, please contact our sales department