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First job, first success for the HET Bridge Plug

The first 440-700 HET has been successfully run and set twice.

In February the HET Bridge Plug was run in a well at the Oseberg field, in order to isolate a bottom water producing zone. The plug was set in a 7”32# casing experiencing approximately 110°C at 290 bar. The HET Bridge Plug is currently qualified to 6100 psi, at temperatures up to 140°C (284°F) according to the ISO 14310 V0 standard.

There was also installed a 563-700 HPHT Straddle in the well for straddling off a leak, also qualified according to ISO 14310 V0. 

More information will follow in Statoil's magasin; Statoil Well Informed .

We also installed the same HET Bridge Plug at the Statfjord field. The plug was set successfully and pressure tested to 5000 psi @ 90° C. The ISO V0 certified Bridge Plug was run through a restriction 4,54" and installed in 7" - 32# liner @ 4125m MD (tractor deployed).