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Interwell granted several international patents for innovative well abandonment concept

Interwell has since 2012 been working on a groundbreaking approach to permanent well abandonment of oil and gas wells. The technology has the potential to replace today’s expensive and time-consuming practice of cement plugs - this to be replaced with an imposed artificial “rock” that extends from formation to formation.

The goal of the project is to create formation-to-formation barriers across multiple strings of pipe using wireline as the main deployment method. This makes it possible for an abandonment project to be performed without or very limited use of a service or drilling rig, since none of the casing strings, nor the tubing, need to be pulled from the well.

The Norwegian patent application for the concept was submitted early 2012. The European patent (EP2825719 B1) was granted in May 2016 and earlier this year we received patents in Eurasia and China. We received the US patent June 20th (US9683420 B2). We are expecting a similar approval in other key countries.

"We are very excited to be granted these patents on such groundbreaking technology.
Hopefully we will be able to demonstrate the value of the concept in the years to come."     
Michael Skjold, Project Manager Interwell P&A.

The technology development is per date (Aug 2017) in the piloting phase, 4 pilot wells have been completed - with more wells planned for the remainder of 2017.

Please find more information on our corporate website, including 3 video’s which will give you an in-depth understanding of the concept :

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