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Interwell Technology days, a great success!

When summarising this year's Technology Days, two words spring to mind: great success! There was an excellent atmosphere throughout the event as well as in the evening at Gaffel & Karaffel.

Some of the latest technologies introduced were: 

The extremely erosion resistant Petro Ceram Sand Screen

The Non Explosive, glass based barrier qualified VT Plug

EST/HSU, Electronic and Hydrostatic setting tool

The Barrier qualified Permanent Plug

Downhole Sensing GS

Wireless sensors below Bridgeplug


Interwell would like to thank our business associates, customers and prospective customers for attending the Interwell Technology Days.

It was a fantastic event with engaging conversations and exchange of great ideas. We are confident that our new and existing customers and partners share our enthusiasm.

We all look forward to the next Interwell Technology Days in 2015. See you then! :)