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Intervention-less Completion with the IRBV

With over 30 successful conventional and subsea completion installations, the IRBV reduces in-well trips by transferring activities from the rig to a vessel. With remote close and open activation, intervention can be removed throughout the pre-production phase, ultimately reducing cost and saving time.
An illustration of the Inter Remote Bypass Valve

The IRBV can be utilised in various applications, for example as a shallow barrier for BOP removal and VXT installation purposes, for both conventional and subsea completion. Or as a deep barrier allowing for communication down the tubing until the valve is closed. i.e. to avoid running upper completion closed ended or allowing for communication when e.g. running standalone screens. View an animation of how the tool works here.

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Read about how our engineers developed the IRBV in their SPE Paper From Completion to Production without Intervention in a VXT Subsea Completed Well

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