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An illustration of the IRBV in closed position

Inter Remote Bypass Valve (IRBV)

The IRBV is a completion string integrated barrier valve with a control line bypass feature. The design is based on the field proven Inter Remote Shatter Valve glass plug technology. It operates with three positions: open, closed and then permanently open.
An illustration of the IRBV in closed position

The valve is installed with the bypass ports in open position. This ensures standard completion activities can be conducted and the operator can still accomplish bull heading in the event of a well control situation. The valve is shifted to closed position after a predefined number of tubing pressure cycles have been run. Once the bypass is closed an ISO14310 V0 well bidirectional barrier is established.

The glass barrier element, which requires only a small volume of glass to hold the load and is designed to withstand extreme bidirectional loads and high temperatures, is then shattered. The valve then activates to its final open state, resulting in full bore ID through the assembly for production and future intervention.

The tool can be utilised in various applications, such as;

  • A shallow barrier for BOP removal and VXT installation purposes, for both conventional and subsea completion
  • As a deep barrier allowing for communication down the tubing until the valve is closed. i.e. to avoid running upper completion closed ended or allowing for communication when e.g. running standalone screens

Utilising the IRBV enables a drilling rig to batch complete subsea wells and, at a later stage, batch install the vertical x-mas trees with an Inspection Maintenance and Repair vessel. This avoids the need for wireline intervention during the completion installation.      

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