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Safe sealing of oil and gas wells - Torstein Lange from Sintef discusses the robustness of our RockSolid™ barrier in Teknisk Ukeblad

Permanent abandonment and zonal isolation of aging oil and gas wells is a global challenge. The environmental hazards posed by all these wells remain significant.
Many possess both geological and wellbore integrity issues, often despite efforts to restore integrity with traditional technologies. The result is often uncontrolled migration of fluids and gases into other geologic layers, water aquifers, and eventually to the atmosphere. We developed RockSolid™ to restore integrity in P&A operations - it removes doubt and uncertainty maximising your confidence with predictive costs and results and lets you take control of your P&A program.

Having been through a rigorous technology qualification process RockSolid™ requires:

• No rigs
• No section milling or casing removal
• A single-run wireline deployment

But don’t just take our word for it! Torstein Lange from SINTEF details in his article in Teknisk Ukeblad just how robust our RockSolid™ barrier technology is from an eternal perspective.

You can read it here in English eller på Norsk

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