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RockSolid™ Single-Run, Permanent P&A Barrier Solution

Since 2012 we've been working on a new approach to permanent abandonment of oil and gas wells. The goal of the technology is to create formation-to-formation barriers across multiple strings of pipe using wireline as the deployment method. This technology has the potential to be an alternative to today’s expensive and time-consuming practice of section milling and displacing cement. We've performed single string field trials since 2016 which has led to commercially available solutions for single string applications. 

As part of qualifying the technology, through 2021, a pilot- and field trial program was performed with several different operators. A total of 7 barriers were set with 100% success in shutting off a sustained casing leak on first attempt, displaying the potential and robustness of the technology. 

To ensure compliance and suitability, RockSolid™ has been developed based on input from a large variety of industry-leading operators, regulators, and authorities. Involving the industry has provided valuable input to important aspects of the technology development and qualification. 

To get to where we are today, we have been fortunate to have a large variety of purpose-built test equipment. For example, our full-scale test rig allows us to replicate barrier settings in a 1:1 scale wellbore section. We have the ability to section cut the tested sample (barrier, wellbore and host rock) to perform detailed inspection, sampling and analysis across the complete barrier and wellbore section. This gives us valuable evidence as to how the technology behaves in real wellbore conditions, as well as providing us with increased knowledge which we can utilize to further qualify and evolve the technology . 

Field trials and full-scale testing combined with comprehensive CFD modelling enables us to understand and control the physical aspects of our barrier. To build and ensure confidence, the technology is being developed through a systematic approach to technology qualification DNV RP-A203. Following our technology qualification plan (TQP), we ensure continuous improvement through an evidence-based argumentation structure, building confidence in RockSolid™ as an eternal P&A barrier technology. 

Going forward we are working on continuously adapting the system with the new information we gain in the field and our test facilities. Our main focus areas aside from CFD- and phase modelling, lab and high-pressure testing are:  

  • Geology & Geochemistry 

  • Chemical Engineering 

  • Thermodynamics & Fluid Dynamics 

  • Wellbore Architecture 

  • Mechanical design  

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