We take on well challenges to ensure enhanced oil and gas recovery for global upstream energy companies.

Ethics and Compliance

Interwell has a zero tolerance to any unethical behavior and actions.

We drive our business through maintaining high ethical standards, open communication and transparency.

Our goal is to continue to create value, focus on longevity and to build solid relationships with our people, our customers and business partners and the communities we work and operate in.

To reach our goal we need to establish trust, mutual understanding and expectations. We comply with all applicable laws, act in a conscious and responsible manner, continue to improve and practice good corporate governance and respect internationally recognized human rights.

Your Voice Matters

Interwell welcome any dialog on ethics and compliance matters. These matters can under certain circumstances be difficult. We want to make sure we create a space with an open agenda and without any fear.

To speak up against unethical behavior and to report any breaches of our social responsibility statement, meaning; any unlawful activities and issues related to health, safety, security, environment, bribery and corruption, conflict of interest, human rights, equal opportunities, dignity at work, modern slavery & human trafficking.

Using an anonymous communications platform allows employees or third parties to voice concerns and consult the company's representatives in a safe, welcoming space.
Your voice allows you to remain completely anonymous throughout the correspondence. You may decide to share your identity only if and when you feel comfortable.


Interwell Compliance Program - Due Diligence

More information on our Ethical Business Conduct &

Corporate Social Responsibility