We take on well challenges to ensure enhanced oil and gas recovery for global upstream energy companies.

Sustainable Technology & Development

The core focus in Interwell technology is to to deliver solutions from the middle to the end of oil and gas wells lifetime. The majority of our equipment is designed with a dual function: It can both be re-used and / or permanently installed when wells are at the end of their lifetime. We secure wells.

How do we secure?


An important part of avoiding unwanted damage to the surroundings is to measure and distribute knowledge during the operations. Our fleet of instrumented Electronic Setting tools (EST) &  Barrier Verification Systems (BVS) gives data and solid information about the situation in and above the wells.

Interwell has a team of well intervention specialists that can operate and give support from office to field. The benefits of IO is less resources and potentially less equipment required. To learn more about Interwell Integrated Operations please contact us.


Plug and Abandonment (P&A)

Permanently securing wells after oil and gas production is important to avoid contamination to the environment.  

Interwell has developed and is currently testing an environmentally friendly P&A solution that is beneficial both in its efficiency and gentle impact. The method is based on creating a slow-burning exothermic reaction at extreme temperatures. After cooling the cap rock formation is restored to its original integrity. Learn more about Interwell P&A.