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Interwell's Cement Retainer Assembly (CRA)

Cement Retainer Assembly (CRA)

The ISO-14310-V1 qualified CRA can, together with an ME Packer or any other standard intervention packer on request, serve as a temporary barrier before commencement of a cementing operation. It's often a requirement to install a deep set barrier in the well before well abandonment activities can be started. The CRA can then be used, together with a barrier packer, to temporarily secure the well. The unique internal sliding sleeve system will thereafter be opened by the pipe deployed stinger assembly for cement slurry to pass and be pumped into the reservoir. After the cement job is finished the stinger will be pulled up and sliding sleeve will close.
Interwell's Cement Retainer Assembly (CRA)


  • ISO 14310 V1Qualified
  • Large circulation ports
  • Large ID allows for high volume of cement to pass through
  • Position indication system for accurate positioning 
  • Can be pulled by Wireline, together with Packer if cementing through retainer iusn't required

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