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Flow Activated Valve (FAV)

The FAV is a valve designed to be run open to enable high rate circulation / displacement in the reverse direction. The valve is closed by increasing the flow rate through the unit to above a predetermined value. Alternatively, the FAV can be closed by dropping a ball to land on a ball seat and applying pressure. Either way will create a positive differential pressure over the valve. A changeable orifice can adjust the flow rate limits required for closing. FAV can also be configured with the Flapper Valve Add-on. In this configuration the FAV allows the fluid to pass from below; enabling self-fill of the tubing (pre-installed in a tubing joint), reverse flow or production through the valve. It only requires differential pressure from above to close, when configured with the Flapper valve. After the FAV has closed, the valve provides a barrier tested and qualified in accordance with ISO 14310:2008 V0 up to 345 bar at 4-150C and 483 bar at 60-130C.


  • ISO Vo qualified: 345 bar, 4-150 C
  • ISO V0 qualified: 483 bar, 60-130 C
  • Adjustable closing flowrate
  • Adjustable sizes
  • Adaptable to different packers by using an interface
  • Resistant to closing in an event of reverse flow to kill the well
  • Optional ball drop closure
  • Flapper Valve Add-on


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