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Interwell's High Expansion Gauge Hanger

High Expansion Gauge Hanger (GH)

Interwell's High Expansion Gauge Hanger

The high expansion GH provides a reliable anchor for hanging off memory gauges and a variety of other tools. It's most commonly used to hang off memory gauges in production and injection wells, however, it can also be used for anchoring abandonment equipment or swell packers.

Its ultra-slim design allows it to be deployed through narrow restrictions or smaller completion tubing and set in larger ID liners/casings. Most importantly, the slim design minimises the restriction to flow enabling better quality data to be recorded during production and/or injection conditions.

The GH provides a cost effective solution for data acquisition, with a variety of adaptor kits; allowing one size of GH to be set in a wide range of tubing sizes, weights and grades.


  • Low flow restriction
  • Can be run on slickline, e-line, CT and pipe
  • Uses standard setting and retrieval tools 
  • High expansion combined with an ultra slim design allows for deployment through narror restrictions and smaller tubing, and setting in much larger tubing. 

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