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High Expansion Gauge Hanger

High Expansion Gauge Hanger (GH)

High Expansion Gauge Hanger

The high expansion GH provides a reliable anchor for hanging off memory gauges and a variety of other tools. Its ultra-slim design allows it to be deployed through narrow restrictions or smaller completion tubing and set in larger ID liners/casings. Most importantly, the slim design minimises the restriction to flow enabling better quality data to be recorded during production and/or injection conditions.

The GH provides cost effective solution, for data acquisition, with a variety of adaptor kits; allowing one size of GH to be set in a wide range of tubing sizes, weights and grades.


  • High expansion
  • High load capacity
  • Low flow restriction
  • Short tool string
  • Self centralising
  • Standard setting and retrieval tools 
  • Run on slickline, e-line, CT and pipe

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