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Interwell's Expandable Junk Catcher Add On

Expandable Junk Catcher Add-on (EJC-A)

Interwell's Expandable Junk Catcher Add On

The EJC-A has proved easier retrieval of bridge plugs in challenging wellbore conditions. The Bridge Plug with EJC-A is set with a standard setting tool, and is designed with a fish neck using GS for retrieval. Providing a safe solution to effectively collect debris within the wellbore.


  • Innovative swab-cup effectively funnels debris into the catcher
  • Set and retrieve EJC-A + Bridge Plug in one run
  • Retrieve with standard GS with DU and dedicated prong
  • Other sizes available upon request
  • Can be run on Wireline

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Expandable Junk Catcher Add-on (EJC-A)

First runs performed with the Expandable Junk Catcher add-on (EJC-A)