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Multi Setting Pulling (MSP) Tool


The Multi Setting Pulling Tool (MSP) is designed to set and pull Crown Plugs multiple times on drillpipe. A snap sleeve design combined with a jarring bolt allows the MSP Tool to maintain consistent value. This enables the tool to set and pull the plug multiple times without the need for shearing parts. The combination with the standard Interwell Flow Release GS design enables release after setting.

Different nozzle sizes can be used depending on the flow requirements that will release the MSP Tool.

Note: There are two MSP tool types, one that sets Crown Plugs and one that is designed to set Tubing Hanger Plugs.


  • Sets and retrieves TH Plug and Isolation Sleeve without the use of wireline.
  • Resets itself for multiple runs.
  • No shearing parts.
  • Dual flapper design for well control.
  • Standard Interwell Flow Release GS design.

* Patent pending

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