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Interwell Inter Remote Shatter Valve

Inter Remote Shatter Valve (IRSV)

The Inter Remote Shatter Valve (IRSV) is a qualified barrier valve, which is remotely opened. It can be integrated as part of the completion string or installed below an intervention packer.
Interwell Inter Remote Shatter Valve


  • Installation and removal of the Inter Remote Shatter Valve (IRSV) does not require intervention.
  • It can be run as part of the completion string or below an intervention packer.
  • The IRSV will always manage to open, the contingency solution will be mill or spear.


The IRSV provides a barrier while running new completion strings. It is used for setting of the completion packer and pressure integrity test of the tubing. This enables the customers to protect lower zones while finishing the upper completion installation. Remote actuation enables complete removal of the barrier without any further intervention. When used along with a barrier intervention packer, such as the LBP, ME or HPHT, the IRSV provides the customer with an intervention barrier that can be remotely opened by pressure cycling. The barrier packer can then be retrieved at a convenient time.

Case Study:Inter Remote Shatter Valve (IRSV) remotely opened after 674 Days

Case Study: Intervention - less Completion