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Interwell's Completion Release Device

Completion Release Device (CRD)

The CRD enables a safe and accurate release of completion string and control lines without any intervention.
Interwell's Completion Release Device

It has a robust and clean design keeping leak paths to a minimum and all seals are generated by premium threads. Control lines are continuously fed through the assembly with no need for additional splicing or anchoring. Prior to shipping offshore it's is made up to the packer assembly and, if applicable, the control lines are fed through. Hence, no extra rig time or crew is required for field installation.

The CRD is a patented product.


  • Debris tolerant design
  • Millable with no rotational parts
  • Completion retrieval without intervention or tubing cutting
  • Premium threads, metal-to-metal seals with minimum leak paths
  • Saved time and cost for completion retrievals/ P&A’s/ recompletions
  • Can be integrated with all types and brands of production- and isolation packers
  • Control lines continuously pre-fed through CRD with no control line splicing or fittings
  • Integrated in production/ isolation packer assembly, no-rig time or offshore crew used
  • Autonomous and precise cutting and plugging of downhole control lines upon completion release
  • Secondary cut-to-release feature independent of potential compressional forces in the completion string
  • Short length, allows for cement logging, plugging, cementing etc. immediately above packer after release
  • Reduced risks and HSE exposure associated with P&A and recompletion operations
  • No control line interference or intervention obstructions:

           - Fullbore access with no internal upsets when installed

           - Smooth interfaces with no internal upsets after release

           - Ratch-latch mechanism with slick intervention and tie-back between new and old completion strings for re-                     completion operations

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