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Interwell's Intelligent Barrier Valve (IBV)

Intelligent Barrier Valve

Interwell's Intelligent Barrier Valve (IBV)

The IBV is an intelligent downhole barrier valve designed to complement plugging devices. A multicycle valve qualified to V0 according to ISO14310, the IBV meets the market’s need for an ‘on demand’ barrier, ensuring reliable pressure integrity when required.

It can be commanded open to allow flow through the valve to safely equalize, circulate, or produce through it. Opening or closing the valve remotely is possible without intervention or control lines by applying predefined pressure profiles or by sequential programming of Interwell’s intelligent software. The software detects pressure profiles reliably, allowing the operator to ‘talk’ with the valve downhole through applied pressure, hydrostatic pressure, timers etc. The command setup can be tailored for any application.

Utilising the technology within the IBV reduces operational risk, reduces cost and increases possibilities for multiple well operations.


  • ISO14310 V0 Qualified
  • Debris tolerant
  • Extensive Battery life
  • Pre-defined pressure commands
  • Well logging capabilities
  • Multiple open/close feature
  • Low pressure drop due to idealised flow path
  • Activation flexibility (pressure, time, hydrostatic, temperature, timers or combinations)
  • High flow rate capability, verified through extensive flow testing 
  • Intelligent software with Bluetooth connection easy to change set-up

Other options may be available upon request, for more information please contact your local sales department.

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