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Interwell EST

Electronic Setting Tool (EST)

Interwell’s Electronic Setting Tool (EST) is a non-pre-pressurized, non-pyrotechnic setting tool for the installation of downhole isolation devices such as bridge plugs, packers, straddles and other products such as gauge hangers. It is resettable in the field without the need for redress and is the shortest setting tool available on the market.
Interwell EST

Product Features

  • Field Resettable
  • Large output force
  • Bluetooth (optional)
  • Shortest setting tool on the market
  • Debris tolerant, fully self-contained
  • Non-pre-pressurized, non-pyrotechnic
  • Suitable for Integrated Operations (IO)
  • Does not rely on well pressure for operation
  • Able to be jarred free from the plug if necessary
  • Well pressure logged during setting process (optional)
  • Surface display of well parameters and EST parameters during setting (optional)
  • Well pressure measurement during setting process (optional)

For more information about our Electronic Setting Tool (EST), please contact our sales department.

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